Questions to Ask While Reviewing a Funder

  1. Does the funder/program address Excelsior’s mission and strategic goals?

  3. Are colleges eligible to apply?
    • Is the RFP targeted to community colleges?

    • Does the RFP apply to online schools?

    • What types of schools have been funded previously?
  4. Does the funder serve programs nationwide?
    • Is a region of the country preferred?
  5. Would the effort improve the student experience?
    • Is full-time student study required?
  6. Do faculty require special attributes, like being full-time, holding a PhD, or tenure?

  8. How large is a typical award?  (funder websites, IRS form 990 are sources)

  10. Does Excelsior have a contact/relationship with this funder?

  12. Do we have a staff member willing and eligible to serve as PI?