Currently Managed Grants

Grants managed (document hosted at Excelsior’s internal SharePoint site)

Effort Documentation
Effort Documentation: It is Excelsior’s policy that employees who have time charged to a grant must record and certify to their level of effort.  Select the best template/s for reporting time and effort on your grants:

Budget & Project Update Meetings
Budget & Project Update Meetings: For all grant projects, the Grants Office will have a monthly meeting where spending is reviewed and any anticipated budget variances are identified. This review will be done using the Fiscal Office’s budget v actual template on all projects (for smaller private foundation grants, this may be bi-monthly).  Fiscal representative(s), project leads, and managers will be invited.  Please let us know if there are additional staff you would like to have invited.

Contractual Agreements
Contractual Agreements: Work paid with grant funding must go through the Grants Office. The Grants Office will work with the project team and Legal. The project team will have final approval on what exactly the details of the work will be that is being contracted for before any agreements are sent to Legal for review and signature.  (Please note that there is a Procurement Policy in place for use on federally funded projects.)

Meeting Documentation
Meeting Documentation: Meeting minutes/notes must include Attendance. Meeting minutes must be taken during project meetings, attendance recorded, and minutes remain available to the Grants Office after the project’s completion.

Project Changes: Considering Changes? Any time you are thinking about altering any part of the project (that is, doing things in a manner not as described in the proposal), a discussion (either a meeting with minutes, or through email) must occur with Grants, Fiscal, and the project lead.  This is to have consensus and documentation on deciding what changes are large enough to require prior approval from the funder. Note, this is NOT JUST budgetary changes, but any changes to the project. Changes must be approved before they can be implemented.